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Declutter & Reorganise

This service could cover a whole house, room or even just one cupboard. We firstly would categorise what you need to keep, donate and dispose of and then reorganise what you want to keep in the space you have. I can provide new storage solutions where required and we can also discuss your daily routine and ways that you can maintain your new reorganised space easily. 

Bathroom Shelves

Moving home

I can support you in organising your home for any aspect of moving house. I offer a declutter and staging service - getting your home ready to be put on the market. Or I could help you in the process of downsizing your property - determining what to keep, donate and dispose of before you move to a smaller space. 

Leasing a Home

Repurpose a room

Do you need to create a home office space so you can work more productively from home? Maybe your children have moved out of home and you want to make better use of their old room? Or perhaps you’re expecting a baby and need to change the spare room into a nursery? Or do you have a spare room or area that’s become  a dumping ground and you want to make it more functional? I can help!
I would firstly determine what you want to achieve from the space / room, then get to work on decluttering with you and then helping you to reorganise and style your new functional space. 

Children's Room

Personal tasks

Are you snowed under with a to do list you never get the chance to tick off? Or do you have a ‘life admin’ job you just keep putting off? Let me help!! By letting me do some of your personal tasks required for running your home you can spend your time on your other more pressing commitments. I have extensive experience in managing budgets, researching and planning. So whether it’s help setting up and managing your household budget, searching for new insurance quotes or planning a holiday, I could be your right hand woman! I don’t even have to delve into your personal finances if you’d prefer, I have some handy spreadsheet templates set up and ready to go I could just talk you through. 

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